Amazing 3 Days in Mount Rinjani Lombok

Darkness has enveloped our trip when we crossed the road from Denpasar to Padang Bai Harbor in Bali. This is crossing route overland to Lombok, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Lembar Harbour. Although this destination we could reach with ticket to lombok with Cheap Flight, but 18 years ago this adrenaline feels like to “taste” the joy of long-distance adventure.

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Sunrise in Sembalun Village Mount Rinjani Lombok

Travel by ferry was late I traveled with my RIP friend Hasan Sinaga Nasri or i usually called him Aci. We shocked when the ferry’s glass window broke and ocean trenches make swinging ship.

Morning is coming when our journey started from the city of Mataram to the Sembalun Village the nearest village from mountain track of Mount Rinjani.

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Savanna Landscape Route

The taste of our great desire to try Active Volcanoes second highest number in Indonesia with a blend of natural characteristics, ranging from forest, savanna, sand and strands lined mountain cliffs that adorn the banks of the lake of Segara Anakan located at an altitude of 2000 meters of climbing lane between the village Sembalun and the Village of Senaru.

This is the first time in my life in 16 years old my age, tried Delicious Black Coffee from Sembalun Village Mount Rinjani Lombok Mataram West Nusa Tenggara.

Early in the morning we started even though this trip was climbing the second time after the previous week we were only able to get on the hill of Pelawangan because we stucked by thunderstorms and strong winds and we have to give up a tent doom lunge damaged in the wind.

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Segara Anakan Lake, Fishing in Lake & Bath with Hot Water from Mountain

The trip was again impressive when fatigue is gone we have to “eat” dish of the divine with the clear lake Segara Anakan and “fondling” warm water exactly side by side in the area of ​​the lake.

The end of our journey must end with tropical forests along the path towards the village of Senaru. Hopefully, this experience can be useful for those of you who want to enjoy the power of the divine in the Land of Lombok. Next we’ll go to Pekanbaru with Ticket Jakarta to Pekanbaru and hoping to have great experience with Hotel in Pekanbaru too

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2 thoughts on “Amazing 3 Days in Mount Rinjani Lombok

  1. wihhhh…
    mas yudie udah duluan kemari :D
    poto2nya masih pake film kan mas?

    tapi saya yakin dulu jauh lebih bersih
    sampahnya di rinjani ngga sebanyak sekarang pasti

    • Iya Mas Idep masih pake film cuci cetak itu di scan akhirnya biar ndak hilang kenangannya :D kl sekarang masih blm tahu lagi ceritanya apa banyak sampah atau ndak

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